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In the background you can see a star atlas of an astronomer Johannes Heweliusz (1611-1687). He was a founder of lunar topography and described ten new constellations, seven of which are still recognized by astronomers. Graphic pictures of Heweliusz are classic illustrations of constellations. In this art piece Mila shows how the architecture style developed from stone buildings and romanticism to modern high-tech contemporary styles. You recognize famous Casa Batllo of Antoni Gaudi building in Barcelona, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Gherkin building in London and many more. You can track down the evolution of human development from the primitive communal system to the new up coming era of space invasion and high end technology.
Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System, after Mercury. The planet is named after the Roman God of War. Mars represent masculinity and youth. Sometimes Mars is being called a red planet because of the red-orange appearance of the Martian surface. It is caused by iron oxide, or rust. In the background you can see the God Mars of Solensis Aratus "Phaenomena et Prognostica", Cologne, 1569, Woodcut.
The moon is Earths only natural satellite. It's one of the largest natural satellites in the Solar System, and the largest among planetary satellites relative to the size of the planet that it orbits. The Moon it thought to have formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago, not long after Earth. Amazingly, Jellyfish is a satellite of every ocean. Have roamed the seas for at least 500 million years, and possibly 700 million years or more, making them the oldest multi-organ animal.
Ammonites are an extinct group of marine mollusc animals. The earliest ammonites appear during the Devonian. The las species died out during the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event. Ammonites are excellent index fossils, and it is often possible to link the rock layer in which a particular species is found to specific geologic time periods. The largest known ammonite reached 6.5 ft in diameter. Mila wants to use this art piece as a reminder or how fragile and short life is. The message is to treasure every day of your life, enjoy it, create beautiful things and spread positivity and Love.
It speaks about how every problem always has a solution!
Heart is a symbol of the feel of Love. This is how Mila's Love to the city and mechanisms finds its way out in multiple details of her artwork.
Artist sees in heart the engine of thought development , source of passion and concentration of life. Mila understands heart pulsation as a space vibrations reflection , evolution and degradation.
The Whale collection speaks about artist dream to swim with the biggest animals on earth.
This is artwork was special made for participating in VENUS La Bodego gallery, San Diego, USA
The blue whale or bluwal is the largest modern animal and probably the largest of all animals that ever lived on Earth. Its length is 33 meters, and weight can greatly exceed 150 tons. The blue whale does not form herds, it is mainly a solitary animal...
I was inspired by the poem by Edward Asadov "The pharmacy of happiness".
I was inspired by the book by Ayn Rand « Atlas Shrugged», was first published in 1957 in the USA!
Some movie stars are just like the stars of the universe, we see their light for a long time after the light source has ceased to exist. MERILYN Monroe’s handbag in the end of 1950’s. The prototype of the bag - Hermes Kelly bag, which had become a favorite accessory of many famous people by the 50-th years of the twentieth century. In the bag, we find books by Faulkner, Rilke, Steinberg – these books Marilyn always keeps with herself for rereading; and being fond of introspection - a book by Freud. Barbiturates: Librium, Nembutal, Demerol. 100 and 50 dollar notes, the release of 1950. Lipstick, mascara, powder, a bottle of whiskey, glasses, a coke bottle cap, Lucky Strike cigarettes, Chanel No. 5 perfume and a letter from her mother Gladys: "I'd like to have my child's love instead of hatred. Love, Mother." Limited edition prints are available.
The night when the «Queen of human’s hearts» - Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in Paris. Her name was formed out of the details of Mercedes 280S, which Lady D was in at that fateful night.
One day I saw a businessman in a hotel. It was a tall, athletic Afroamerican with right facial features and a charming smile! He was stylishly dressed, but even through the costume his muscles were visible. When I entered his room, I was very surprised by the large number of sex toys! Dildos were such a huge man that I drew back! This story pushed me to draw this art work!
By statistics, the massive shooting at schools was performed by teenagers aged 15 -17 years old, and they shot with their parents-policemen’s guns!
Every day, we hear messages about terrorism more and more often. This work is an attempt to show the horror and helplessness of the world facing this terrible force! When the bomb timer is set for 8:17, when all the children are at school, when all the students are at the first lesson...
Giant bones, which are sometimes found all over the world in antiquity was considered to be the remains of the heroes of the era of the Trojan war, in the Middle ages and until the nineteenth century - the remains of giants mentioned in the Bible and who died during the flood... the UK capital, London is situated on the skeleton of a giant perch and this image refers to the ancient myth that the earth rests on three whales and to the fairy tale "the little humpbacked horse", where there is a whangdoodle fish-whale!
The art work "Choice" is the logo of the international art exhibition in Tel-Aviv, Israel, December, 2011.
Everything is relative. So the skeleton of the dinosaur Stegosaurus strikes us with its size, when there is a forest, wind towers, bridges, power stations, Observatory, satellite towers and the city on its dorsal plates.
On the ammonit’s shell there is a town standing, which reminds of the red tiling roofs of Prague. You can get to the centre of the shell through the arches in the buildings.
When I am coming back at home from far away traveling, through native lands, so I remember some words by Japanese writer Kobo Abe: «My heart sang in those days like cicada, which open wings!»
The city is full of lots of things and small details, just like our life is: trains, roads, airports, car accidents, the shine of lamp and another things from Teddy bear to an oxygen mask! And these all are standing on the back of the gigantic turtle, sending us to ancient myths!
This is artwork was special made for participating in Strange Beasts 3: A Tribute to Kaiju & Japanese Pop Culture, Guzu Gallery, Austin, TX, USA
This is artwork was special made for participating in Strange Beasts 3: A Tribute to Kaiju & Japanese Pop Culture, Guzu Gallery, Austin, TX, USA
When we were children, we liked walking along the bay at low tide looking for various interesting things in the algae and sand.
When we were children, we liked walking along the bay at low tide looking for various interesting things in the algae and sand.
Sometimes walking down the streets of Whitechapel and straight ahead to Stratford - I dreamed of such a bag, so that to keep the flow of immigrants from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan away from me as soon as they saw that I was carrying! Generally, I am not racist. But there are so many immigrants!
When we were children, we liked walking along the bay at low tide looking for various interesting things in the algae and sand.
The art work was torn off at the end! Because of the large incompatibility between nascent life and weapons of mass destruction.
I was inspired by the book by Ernest Hemingway.
The old town is changing into a new city, on the example of London. Victorian houses and streets become the new business district of Canary Wharf in East London, which is the main competitor of historical, financial and business centre.
Just over a month after launch, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) -- NASA’s first spacecraft dedicated to studying atmospheric carbon dioxide -- has maneuvered into its final operating orbit and produced its first science data, confirming the health of its science instrument. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is the leading human-produced greenhouse gas responsible for warming our world. It is a critical natural component of Earth’s carbon cycle.