Strange Beasts 3: A Tribute to Kaiju & Japanese Pop Culture

Guzu Gallery, Austin, TX, USA

20/11/2015 - 01/01/2016

"What is that? Can you feel the ground rumbling? It's time for another Strange Beasts art show…the fan favorite! This time around Guzu will expand the show a bit, and allow other Japanese pop culture influences to sneak in. In addition to the always popular kaiju characters — familiar faces from tokusatsu, manga and anime will adorn the gallery walls!" The opening reception was on Friday, November 20th.

There was a bone-crushing, live musical performance by Austin rock instrumentalists, Beast of Dean…and the Bedlam City. Featured Artists: Daniel Aranda, Breanna Boone, Nicole Cantu, Alan Defibaugh, Forces of Dorknes,Matt Frank, Half-Human, Jenkins2d, Kachi, Devin "Spicy Donut" Lawson, Alice Meichi Li, Daniel Moll, Tessa Morrison, Peelander-Yellow, Brandon Peterson, Chet Phillips, Bethany Price, Roshi K, Mark Sarmel, Mila Sketch, Scrain, Jamie Sichel, Isaak Ramos, Zachary Taylor, Wade Thompson, Elisa Wikey, Worthy Enemies, Zavala