Acrylic/ink/canvas, 2016, 18x36 in, for sale

Gold Award of Bastrop Art in Public Places in 2D Art Project. In the background, you can see a star atlas of an astronomer Johannes Heweliusz (1611-1687). He was a founder of lunar topography and described ten new constellations, seven of which are still recognized by astronomers. Graphic pictures of Heweliusz are classic illustrations of constellations. In this art piece, Mila shows how the architecture style developed from stone buildings and romanticism to modern high-tech contemporary styles. You recognize famous Casa Batllo of Antoni Gaudi building in Barcelona, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Gherkin building in London and many more. You can track down the evolution of human development from the primitive communal system to the new upcoming era of space invasion and high-end technology. Collection THE ROVER'S MAP