Acrylic/ink/canvas, 2016, 24х48 in, sold

Mila created her artwork on wood to exhibit the contrast between the substances produced by humans and nature. City Tree is Mila’s idea of a possible future where the birth of a city grows from & with nature: a vision of what a human nest could be for a new and future generation. With the majority of the world’s population living in cities, the key to nature’s well-being is sustainable development. As cities grow, the increase of some of the world’s greatest problems (air and water pollution, poverty-stricken slums and epidemics of violence and illness) are a result. Throughout history, urbanites have generated soaring achievements, from Notre Dame Cathedral to the cell phone networking system. To grow sustainable development, the leaders of science and society need to collaborate to create general rules for urban expansion. We must nourish and preserve our natural environment for new generations. Mila’s City Tree is a vision where city homes are reacquainted with nature; the green crown of trees is the foundation for the city to grow from, without destroying the green world. City Tree is a multi-functional artwork; it’s a contemporary coffee table and can also be hung on the wall (vertically or horizontally).