Nikola Tesla


It would be great to spark pupil's attention to real heroes of our history, scientists who led the way.
Nikola Tesla was one of them. He was an electrical engineer, physicist, and futurist.
Tesla is being credited as a huge contributor to the design of modern alternating current electricity supply system.
His main inventions would be described on the mural. One can find a pigeon painted on it.
Tesla was fascinated by pigeons and carried them as the friend thought out his life.
He reviewed pigeons as a world symbol of peace and a hope for a bright future of science and humanity.
''If you wish to understand the universe, think of Energy, frequency, and vibration".
This phrase of Tesla reminds to all of us to look deep inside ourselves in connection to outside world.

Medium: Acrylic paint on concrete wall
Dimensions: 16x10ft
Location: IDEA Rundberg Public School, Austin, TX, USA, 2017