OnlineMedEd Austin Office

Mila pictures the green modern developing city of Austin. Two of the most iconic parts: Skylines and other fun things in Austin. Two banks of Colorado river are vibrantly popping in the picture. One can see all the iconic recognizable buildings of downtown. The buildings that highlighted in white contour represent the upcoming future construction projects. The Austin legends - McConaughey and Willy Nelson are represented by the famous phrase and a signature bandana.
The Hope Outdoor Gallery walls to the left are left blank on purpose. The OnlineMedEd team members can color it daily with easily erased markers.
One of the construction cranes is carrying a brand new apartment complex to the East Side where the main construction zone takes place at the moment. One can see the famous 6th st. The antler rabbit sticking out as a symbol of creativity, youth, and celebration. The flying beer mug represents good times and a strong craft brewing presence in Austin. Some of the most significant annual events are pictured in the mural. ACL Fest with the OnlineMedEd cat (OME Cat) lead singing.
The famous Kite Festival in Zilker Park with the baby OME Cat playing with a kite. One of the kites is colored in rainbow colors to represent all sexualities being welcomed and accepted in Austin.
The Austin film is taking place while the OME Cat in SXSW hat is playing drone with a friendly city Robot.
The Lone Star Cruise Boat is prepared to amaze locals and tourists with the bat colony coming under the South Congress bridge performance nightly. It continues to S. Congress St. with the signature ''I love you'' mural, Austin Motel, Joe's Cofee shop, Boot Stores and more. Food truck scenery is represented by some of Austin's favorite foods, such as doughnuts, sushi, ice-cream, tacos, pizza... The OME Cat is sniffing around nearby...
There are, of course, more details are left to be captured by your imagination.

Medium: Acrylic paint on concrete wall
Dimensions: 26x10ft
Location: OnlineMedEd, Austin, TX, USA, 2017