Austin Beat | Google fiber


Helping communities connect through art

Google Fiber is proud to be a member of some of the most vibrant, diverse, and culturally rich communities in America. Last fall, we collaborated with local artists, community partners, and art institutions to create thirteen murals in five of our Fiber cities. Each of these new art pieces in Austin, Kansas City, Louisville, Nashville and San Antonio aim to showcase the spirit of the cities we call home.
Artists were selected for the project based on their vision and community engagement. We also worked with local business owners to identify the right locations around the city to feature each artist’s work.


Mila expressed her true excitement of creating a mural on East Side in a shape of beating heart. East Side is the artsiest part of Austin. The heart on the mural is full of different diverse elements that represent music. Historically East Side was known for the best music venues in town that attracted the finest musicians and music lovers. One could see inside of the beating heart there are piano buttons, sound speakers, flying pigeons of peace, spinning vinyl, Austin 512 and more. The earplugs are offered to everyone who loves the East Side as much as Mila Sketch does.
Mila is humbled to be able to paint the wall on one of the oldest locally owned music stores on East Side.


Medium: Acrylics, spray paints on the brick wall
Dimensions: 16x45 ft
Location: Encore Records, Austin, TX, USA, 2017