MaidBot 2065


Maidbot consists of robotics and hospitality industry experts with a passion for transformation.

Maidbot company commissioned Mila Sketch to create the mural at HQ in Austin, TX.
Mila was very inspired by Maidbot's vision of robotics future. She created the Robot City with many details reflect the story of Maidbot:

1. Hotels named after famous robots and Isaac Asimov.
Rosie the Robot in the room (like from the Jetsons).
Advertisement with Daft Punk and Wall-e.

2. Maidbot Headquarters
All-glass building floatings on a floating island

3. Cornell University projecting the Cornell logo.
Maidbot was founded at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY).

5. MaidBot's Quotes:
Be Here Now
Think Outside the Bot
The Best Way to Predict the Future is To Create it!

6. Traffic/Cars
The futuristic city is a green city with many natural sites. The river has become the autobahn (fast highway). The river vehicles are different from cars we are used to seeing on the land roads.

7. SXSW 2065 (50 years after Maidbot is founded).


9.Rockets/airplanes (A big percentage of Maidbot's team are rocket scientists).

10. People
The painter is teaching the robot to create art. This interaction shows the intimate bond between humans and robots. Also shows the tender desire of robot to compassionately create beautiful things.


Medium: Acrylic paint on wood
Dimensions: 8x32ftx4in
Location: MaidBot, Austin, TX, USA, 2018