Austin HOWDY

Mila Sketch is a winner of Ride Austin Mural contest.



Mila Sketch got invited to participate in the RideAustin sketch contest for a new cultural Austin Mural by her artistic friends. During the first part of the competition, more than 20 local artists submitted their sketches on official RideAustin Facebook page. Sketches had to follow a pretty strict format of rules and desires of RideAustin vision of a new Austin Mural.
According to a contest official rules, the first round of competition had to be voted on by the public. Top 5 artist with the most votes collected were chosen for sponsors judging. Mila's sketch collected the thirds most votes on the Facebook page.
Sponsors judgments took two weeks. Mila was announced as a winner.


Medium: Acrylic paint on a brick wall
Dimensions: 18x48ft
Location: Parlor and Yard, 601 W 6th St, Austin, TX, USA, 2016